Think smart homes can’t get any smarter? Think again. From smart refrigerators to programable shower heads, every room in the house will be getting at least one smart upgrade. Here are some of the trends for 2023.

Smarter Kitchen Appliances
Tell your voice-activated coffee maker to move over because the biggest thing in smart home technology is now the refrigerator. The latest models allow you to watch your favorite cooking show, read recipe instructions and show you what’s inside via a touch screen. Smart ovens can be connected to Alexa devices so you can pre-heat your oven with just a voice command. Even air fryers and microwaves will feature smart technology.

Your Bath, Only Smarter
Smart technology has moved beyond touchless faucets to embrace shower heads that can program the perfect shower temperature for each family member, play your favorite music and even dim the lights. Smart toilets offer hands-free opening and closing as well as automatic flushing. Automatic toilet cleaners mean you will be scrubbing and disinfecting less.

Clean It All — Automatically
Automatic robot vacuums have been steadily improving. You no longer need worry about your Roomba falling off the landing. Some even empty themselves. Manufacturers are now experimenting with automatic mops. Be on the lookout for automatic window cleaners and lawn mowers.

Invest in Blinds
Automatic blinds used to be luxury items. As their popularity has increased, they have been become more available at lower prices. The blinds can be controlled via your app or digital assistant. That means if you don’t want to wake up with the sun, you can just tell Alexa to shut the blinds and then go back to sleep.

Track Your Health
Most of us use FitBits and other devices to keep track of our health. Soon your home will be doing it for you. Manufacturers have already created floorboards embedded with sensors that detect falls and send out an alert. Smart air purifiers can detect levels of particulate matter in the air and adjust the power automatically. In the future, your home may be able to turn on UV disinfection lights to sanitize surfaces.