Moving into your new Cypress Green home is exciting — doubly so if it’s the first home you’ve ever owned. It can also be overwhelming. From transferring utilities to making your home functional and comfortable, there are many tasks to tackle. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process.

Set Up or Transfer Your Utilities

Make sure you have water, gas and electricity the day you move in. If you are just moving across town, you may be able to transfer your account to your new address. If this is a long-distance move, you will have to contact your current utility companies and cancel services, then set up accounts in your new neighborhood.  Do this at least a month in advance. The last thing you want is to pay double bills.

Don’t Forget Your Internet Provider

Our lives are on our computers, so moving into a home without setting up with an internet provider is a non-starter. Research providers in your area. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. You’re going to want to be able to watch your favorite shows after a long day of unpacking. Bundling your cable and internet providers is a smart way to go.

Change Your Address

Be sure to file a change of address form with the post office. It can be done online. Doing it in advance of your move ensure your bills are forwarded. You will also have to change your car registration, driver’s license, insurance, credit cards and subscriptions. Check your apps. Food delivery services key off the address listed and you want your celebration pizza going to your new address — not your old one.

Research Your New Neighborhood

Do you know where your nearest grocery store is? How about the nearest urgent care? Do some reconnaissance. Yelp and Google can provide you with lists of services in your area along with reviews, photos and maps. Call ahead to set up appointments with doctors, your kids’ schools, vets, banks or any other services you may need as soon as you move in.

Measure Once and Then Again

Don’t wait to find out if your new sofa will fit in your new family room. Measure your furniture and sketch in where you intend to place it. Take the layout to your new home and measure again. Doing so now will mean you won’t have to do any last-minute shopping.

Set Your Alarm

If your home is wired for a security system, set up service. If you already have a system, see if you can transfer it. If your home includes a home automation system, check with your builder to see what security features are included and what you can upgrade.

Plan a Shopping Trip

If you are moving from a small space into a larger one, chances are you don’t have enough furniture. While you don’t need to buy everything at once, you should investigate purchasing essentials such as tables, beds and refrigerators.

Take Time Unpacking

Don’t try to unpack every box in one day. Create a first-day essentials list detailing the things you will need the first night in your home and the morning after. Everything else can wait. Set up your kids’ rooms and the kitchen first. After that, aim for one or two boxes a day until it’s done.

Where is Everything?

It’s important to get to know your new home. Find out where the water shut-off valve and circuit breaker are in case of an emergency. Find and test your smoke alarms. Know where your electrical outlets are so you don’t place hard-to-move furniture in front of them.

Personalize Your Home

If you purchased a home in Cypress Green, you’ve probably already had a chance to personalize your home. Continue the trend by incorporating personal touches and décor such as rugs, artwork and textiles that reflect your aesthetic.

In Case of Emergency

Create an escape plan in case of hurricane, fire, flood or other natural disaster. Discuss the plan with family members and make sure everyone knows what to do. Put stickers on windows letting first responders know that there are pets in your home.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

The advantage of buying a home in Cypress Green is that it is brand new, significantly reducing your home repair to-do list. However, if you want to keep your home in mint condition, create a home maintenance checklist. Include things such as cleaning the gutters, landscaping, changing smoke alarm batteries and changing air filters.

Set Up Home With Us

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